Nutrition or Herbalist Consultation, 30mins

Nutrition or Herbalist Consultation, 30mins

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In addition to being certified Pet Nutritionists, we're trained Herbalists.  This fits with the holistic approach we use with food to assist the body in staying healthy. 

Once you schedule the consultation, we'll contact you -- we will likely want information from you prior to our meeting to make sure we're properly prepared.  We can cover nutrition and/or herbal topics regarding your pet in the same consultation.  Consultations take place over the phone, or email if you prefer, and will include a reasonable number email follow-ups.

Consider having an end-result in mind when you schedule the consultation.  That will guide our focus to ensure we do our part to help accomplish your objective.

You should always consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any herbal medicine or making a significant diet change.