November KFC: Alligator Meal w/chunks 4oz

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Alligator Sirloin meat is tender, delicate in flavor, and extremely versatile. This cut comes from the prized tail and is boneless.  Our 'gator comes from Natchitoches, LA.

Alligator tastes like a cross between frog legs and turtle meat and its texture is veal-esque. Alligator meat is white and flaky, and extremely low in cholesterol and high in iron levels and moisture (nearly 80%!).  There is a slight fish smell to the meat.

Cats, being originally desert dwellers, regularly had small reptiles on their menu.  Unfortunately for our cats there are no human-grade reptiles that can be easily had in the USA except alligator.

Ingredients: Alligator sirloin tail steak (boneless) hormone and antibiotic free with liver, whole chicken egg (shell, white, yoke), organic Psyllium, Organic Beef Gelatin, Vitamin E, Manganese, imported Norwegian Red Algae/Astaxanthin.

42 cals/oz, Protein 91% M/79% DMB, Fat 7% M/12% DMB