May Monthly Special: Sockeye Salmon Jerky, 1oz

May Monthly Special: Sockeye Salmon Jerky, 1oz

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Tantalize your fur-baby’s taste buds with the May Monthly Special: Sockeye Salmon Jerky! Crafted from sustainable sockeye salmon filets caught in Alaska, this 1oz jerky sampler is sure to satisfy and excite your fur-baby’s senses. Try it now and discover why our Sockeye Salmon Jerky is so popular!

It’s a universal tasty treat for cats and dogs.  For cats it’s an excellent snack and contributes to oral hygiene.  For dogs it’s a high-value treat.  Our salmon jerky is hand made from premium wild-caught Sockeye Salmon filets, sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the world’s most regenerative fishery: Bristol Bay, Alaska. We use the same fresh filets you’ll find at your local fish monger or premium grocery store.  It takes 5-6oz of fresh filet to make 1oz of jerky.

Wild caught Alaska Sockeye Salmon don’t accumulate toxins at the same rate as other salmon because they’re plankton feeders and are considered to be one of the safest fish to eat.  Being low on the food-chain means they are free of most toxins found in other fish like tuna, shark, and other salmon species.  Feeding fish to cats as a treat isn’t nutritionally harmful, but a regular diet of fish can cause health issues if the food isn’t properly formulated.

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