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Kitty Food Club

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Sign up now and join us on a food adventure.

If you'd like to add a little something different to your cat's elevated tastes, try something new, or add new proteins into your kitty's diet, join the Kitty Food Club.  Your cats will be excited by novel proteins, delicious smells, and new tastes.   

You can sign up anytime and select a quarterly (every 3mos), bi-monthly (every-other month), or monthly subscription.  Regardless of what level you get your kitty, we always use freshest high-end human-grade ingredients in our products.  You'll be giving your cat a great experience and the best quality food.

If there's something your cat really loves you can order it as a Custom Meal to make it part of their regular diet. 

Each shipment will contain four 8oz packages of raw food (two 8oz packages per protein, 4 total) and one package of treats shipped frozen, along with a menu listing all ingredients.


Nobility: Quarterly Subscription.  4 shipments.  January, April, July, October

Aristricat: Every-other-month.  6 shipments.  January, March, May, July, September, November

Royalty: Monthly.  12 shipments.   


1) When you purchase, it's for the entire period (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).  Shipping, if applicable, will be added to the price at the time of purchase.  If you're a local we'll deliver but appropriate taxes will be applied.

2) Your order will be shipped or delivered on the first Monday of the subscription month.  If it's a holiday we'll ship the next day.  Delivery will be on that Monday. 

3) The food is ground, not whole.  A few items do contain minimum bone (like the quail) but most are boneless.  Any food with bone will be indicated.

4) You can join anytime.  You purchase a subscription which is for 12mos.  The menus may change slightly for 2021.  Note the date of your purchase, your subscription level, to figure out when your next shipment will occur.

5) This is not an auto-renew item.  Your purchase is for one year from the time of purchase, shipping's included when you make the initial purchase.  There's no auto-renewal when the 12mo period ends.

6) If you're an existing customer, on request, we will combine your Kitty Food Club order with your regular food order to save on shipping, packaging, and to minimize environmental impact.

7) To ensure we have sufficient fresh inventory, orders less than 7 days prior to the end of the month won't be included.  If the last day of the month is on the 30th, the 23rd is the last day you can order.  The 24th for a 31 day month.  Orders after the deadline will added to the next interval.  Eg, You order Nobility on December 29th.  Your shipments will be April, July, October, January (the next year).


January: Nobility, Aristocrat, Royalty

1lb Quail

1lb Squab

1oz Salmon-catnip croutons


February: Royalty

1lb Partridge

1lb Venison-duck

1oz Rabbit Jerky


March: Aristocrat, Royalty

1lb Pork+turkey

1lb Alligator

4oz Duck broth


April: Nobility, Royalty

1lb Ostrich

1lb Venison-salmon

1oz Rabbit jerky


May: Aristocrat, Royalty

1lb Pheasant

1lb Duck

1oz Salmon Biltong


June: Royalty

1lb Buffalo

1lb Duck

1oz Dried Smelt


July: Nobility, Aristocrat, Royalty

1lb Wild boar

1lb Goose

4oz Veal broth


August: Royalty

1lb Camel

1lb Cornish hen-trout

1oz Chicken liver Treats


September: Aristocrat, Royalty

1lb Grouse

1lb Beef Tenderloin

1oz Turkey-catnip treats


October: Nobility, Royalty

1lb Rabbit+venison

1lb Duck-anchovy

1oz Rabbit-coconut kisses


November: Aristocrat, Royalty

1lbs Turdukin (turkey-chicken-duck combo)

1lbs Partridge

1oz Venison Biltong


December: Royalty

1lb Turkey+pheasant

1lb Kangaroo

1oz Pumpkin-quail treats


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Julie G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Best commercial raw cat meal offering ever!!

This is my second review of this product .... my first was posted when the Kitty Food Club had just come out and I was enamored with the idea of it. Now that I am eight months into it, I can say that this was Troy's BEST IDEA EVER!! My picky eater now has several more proteins that we can rotate, it's so exciting!! She is eating the Muscovy duck, pheasant, partridge, goose and we are hoping she'll love the grouse next month!! This is in addition to the turkey and pork from the regular menu. Also, the KFC introduced us to protein blends so now we mix turkey (her least favorite, but a nice lean meat) in with the fattier proteins for a change of pace. She also loves the coconut-catnip-salmon croquettes and my other cat loves all of the dehydrated treats. It was exciting to receive some new proteins and treats each month and (im)patiently wait to see if my cats would love them. This was such a great opportunity for us to get my finicky kitteh on some new rarer proteins. I can't thank you enough, Troy, for all your hard work!!! EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Jacquelyn R.
United States United States
This is an awesome idea!

I really like introducing new proteins and have been pleasantly surprised that, at least, one of my cats will eat every selection. And for the ones that aren't interested, it makes anything they didn't use to like seem less objectionable. This is a win-win! I also enjoy the print out with information about the new menu. I read it to my cats but they don't listen because they're eating.

Ora L.
United States United States
Cats are enjoying the variety

We received squab and quail. The cats like both selections but I think like the squab best. 2 of our cats love the salmon bites.

A Fetching Foods Customer
Julie G.
United States United States
Brilliant offering!

SO HAPPY to have access to the Kitty Food Club! What an awesome idea! I'm always looking for new rare proteins + treats to feed my cats so I was so grateful to see this offered by Fetching Foods. Their raw meals are packaged so well and everything always arrives fully frozen. They are the best!