July Monthly Special: Kitty Food Club Camel Meal 4oz

July Monthly Special: Kitty Food Club Camel Meal 4oz

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Camel… I’m sure you’re thinking we’ve lost our minds.  Maybe, but you’ll thank us for it.  Camel is a regular food in the greater Middle East, where cats come from.  Camel is a regular food, so I’ve read, for read-meat diners in that area.  So it’s not such a crazy protein to use.

In fact, we have it available in our Custom Meal protein line-up.  When we feed this boneless meat to our cats, they fight over it.  Really.  

We use the ribeye cut.  It’s beautiful red meat.  It has a distinctive, but not too gamy taste.  It’s lean and some prefer camel as their favorite ‘wild’ game meat.  Bring your cat back to their roots with a little food from their ancestral diet.

Ingredients: Australian Bactrian Camel ribeye and kidney, chicken egg (shell, white, yoke), Psyllium, collagen, Vitamin E, imported Norwegian Red Algae/Astaxanthin, manganese gluconate.  All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted.