January Special: Duck-Rabbit (boneless) 16oz

January Special: Duck-Rabbit (boneless) 16oz

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This is a limited availability product available only for the month of January.  

Rabbit and duck is a power combination.  The leanness of the rabbit is balanced with the more fatty duck creating a rich blend of natural prey animals for you little panther.

This formula uses California pasture raised, restaurant-quality whole organic duck, hand deboned.  Included are the flesh, liver, heart. 

Our young rabbit comes from a central Oregon pasture raised farm that specializes in restaurant-quality rabbits.  Included are the flesh, heart, liver, and kidneys.  

Only sold in 16oz size.

Ingredients: Duck breast-thigh-leg, rabbit flesh, duck and rabbit liver, duck and rabbit heart, rabbit kidney, whole fresh organic egg (white, yoke, shell), organic psyllium husk, vitamin E supplement, organic red algae (astaxanthin), manganese gluconate.