Extra Dry Ice, 10lb

Extra Dry Ice, 10lb

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We have years of packing and shipping orders successfully.  We don't charge you for the box, liner, or dry ice as part of our shipping process.  We add enough dry ice to anticipate reasonable delays while not needlessly adding weight or size to the box with excessive dry ice.  The cost to ship through the carriers is what you pay for.

However, you may feel that extra dry ice is needed in your circumstance. 

Keep in mind there is an upper limit to how much dry ice you can add for shipments that go via air (UPS/FedEx next day, 2nd day, some 3-day select, and air-cargo).  This is regulated by the FAA, not us.  We will add the maximum amount of dry allowable in those cases when you purchase extra dry ice.

WE DO NOT SELL ONLY DRY ICE.  Extra dry ice must be accompanied with an order.