DEAL Squab Meal: January 2022 KFC Monthly Special 4oz

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OVERPRODUCTION from January's Monthly Special

Made 2/5/22

Known as “one of the tastiest, tenderest meats that you can get”, squab is another word for pigeon. It’s the filet mignon of game birds. It used to be known as the meat of kings because it was served to royalty all the way back to the Egyptian days  Most of the squab raised in the USA is destined for white tablecloth restaurants in NYC and LA.

The squab is partially deboned and then ground.  This may not be a good fit for cats on a low phosphorous diet.

Ingredients: California partially deboned Squab with heart and liver, chicken egg (white, yoke), Psyllium, collagen, Vitamin E, Manganese gluconate, imported Norwegian Astaxanthin.  All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted.