Texas Quail, California Turkey Heart, Rabbit Liver from Oregon, and Wild-Caught Alaska Salmon

Custom Cat Meals 5lb

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Fully Custom Meals.  When one size isn't a fit for your kitty and your cat requires a personalized nutrition solution.  Every ingredient can be adjusted or changed to your cat's specific needs and your convenience.

This is different than our pre-formulated Just Cat products: https://shop.fetchingfoods.com/collections/just-cats

We'll prepare a biologically appropriate diet designed for the specific nutritional requirements of your individual cat.  A wide variety of high-end human-grade proteins can be used to avoid food sensitivities/allergies to create a healthy, tasty meal for even finicky cats.  

Nutritionally rich.  Highly digestible.  Delicious.  Convenient.  Individualized.

Raw is the healthiest choice, but it’s not always the best solution in every case.  There are a number of reasons why raw may not work.  If your OBGYN advised against it (pregnancy), have immune-compromised animals, or maybe feeding raw is just a bridge too far for you at this point, here's your option.

We use the same human-grade formulation from our raw meals with our gently cooked meals.  Think medium-rare without the sear.  We carefully heat the ingredients just to the point that it kills 99.9% of the bacteria, but at a low enough temperature to not damage heat-sensitive nutrients.  The meals are cooked in resealable, vacuum-sealed BPA-free bags to lock in the flavor and nutrients.

If you'd like to have a custom diet developed for your pup, in the instructions, request the questionnaire be sent to you so we can assess, as nutritionists, the dietary needs of your cat then design a unique formulation.  Any recent lab work, vet consults, and your input all help us construct meals your dog will love and flourish on.   We can integrate therapeutic herbs (being trained herbalists) into the diet, use a traditional Chinese approach, work hand-in-hand with your vet, and more.  We build what's needed for your pup.  We also package your meals in the perfect size pouch to the correct portion size.

Our typical process is to collect paid orders through Wednesday. Then shop and custom prepare the orders Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, freezing them solid for Monday shipping and delivery.   Orders received after Wednesday will go out a week from Monday.  Contact us for exceptions.

We can also customize this product to for a perfect meal for ferrets.

More on shipping: www.fetchingfoods.com/shipping-a-necessary-evil/

Why human grade food is important: http://www.fetchingfoods.com/human-grade-food-why/

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I recommend this product
Cat loves it!

We already get the boneless duck and custom order boneless rabbit, so we wanted to try this boneless pheasant. My cat loves it and it’s great to have on hand for rotation!

Mary S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Very pleased with food and service

My kitty queen has a health issue which we are using prednisolone, denamarin, fetching food with nutrition, and lots of love. The partially cooked fetching food flavors of wild boar and pheasant are very pleasing to the kitty queen. I appreciate Troy working with us to find something that will suite my finicky eater.

Francesca K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

My cat has chronic kidney disease and has never rejected his food since he's been on Fetching Foods. Troy has created a custom formula for us and I have only seen improvements in energy levels and appetite- highly recommended.

United States United States
I recommend this product

My cat is super picky but she is willing to eat Fetching Foods lightly cooked meals! Her favorite is pork. I would recommend Fetching Foods to any pet parents who're into raw. :)

Marcia S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Raw Cat Meals

My cats have been eating this for several years now. I attribute their good health to their great diet!