Boneless Duck 16oz

Boneless Duck 16oz

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We made three too many Premium Cat BL Duck this week due to an unexpected order change.  Get them while we have them.  Made 9/18/21.

Our duck is a hand deboned premium quality Grade A white Peking duck.  The White Pekin breed of duck is the type of duck used in making the AFLAC commercials. The Pekin duck originated in China and was introduced into the Americas in the 1870s, admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. It’s known for succulent meat with a slightly sweet taste and a juicy texture.

Hand deboned premium quality Grade A Indiana raised White Peking duck, hormone and antibiotic free, fed an organic vegetarian diet (the same duck used in our Just Cat Duck), with heart and liver, whole duck egg (shell, white, yoke), organic Psyllium, Organic Beef Gelatin, Vitamin E, Manganese, imported Norwegian Red Algae/Astaxanthin.  All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted.

35 cals/oz Protein 18.2% M/74% DMB Fat 6.3% M/24% DMB