April 2021 Monthly KFC Special 4oz

April 2021 Monthly KFC Special 4oz

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April's Kitty Food Club special is ostrich bites.  

Ostriches are the largest birds in the world. It’s a tasty deeply red meat loaded with nutrients. Here are some of the highlights: Low in Cholesterol, High in Iron, High in Protein, High in Vitamin B-12, 2/3 less fat than beef, and so much more.  These hormone and antibiotic-free Texas-raised free-roaming birds are a a wonderful source of food your kitty will love.  

The bites are cut from human-grade ostrich steak, which is from the leg.

The bites are cut large enough to force your cat to chew with their back teeth. The cutting teeth. This naturally removes plaque and tartar. Bites are used as a topper or additive to a complete meal, since the bite is a chunk of meat. Our cats, and most of the customers who regularly order bites see cats go right to the bites first when the bowl’s put down.

Supplies are limited, since this is an exotic protein, meaning not produced in volume.