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If you're new to raw or fresh food feeding consider purchasing the Sampler Pack.  This will introduce your dog or cat to a variety of proteins, seeing what their favorites are, so you know what to purchase going forward.  

You can order anytime but to guarantee your order makes the next shipping cycle, place it by Tuesday 12p PST.  Our production occurs Tuesday through Friday, building certain foods on certain days (eg if you ordered a turkey product on Friday and we've already made all the turkey products for the week, you may need to wait until the turkey production cycle in the next week). 

We don't have a cache of ingredients or inventory.  We make your pet's food fresh, with fresh ingredients after the order is placed.   

Quick Reference Table for Adult cats with normal activity:


Quick reference table for adult dogs with normal activity:

Quick Reference Feeding Table for Adult Dogs/Cats

You can let us know what you want in the NOTES during checkout eg make the food like Just Cat Turkey but remove the eggs, create an Only Dog Boneless Rabbit that does not use broccoli, or any other information you think we need to know like food sensitivities (allergic to chicken), health conditions (CKD, pancreatitis, IBD, etc).  Default package size is 8oz unless otherwise stated.  The more information you provide, the better.  There is helpful information in the Custom Meal product description.  Please take a few minutes to read through it.

If you live in the Las Vegas area we will deliver to you at no cost to your home or office. Delivery days are Mondays during normal business hours even on holidays -- contact us for exceptions or special requests.  Make sure to include your gate code in the NOTES section during checkout.

We ship nationwide.  Shipping is calculated as part of the checkout process.  Read more here:  Be sure to include your gate code or special delivery instructions for our couriers.

Select the best shipping method for you.  We have years of successfully shipping food safely nationally no matter the option selected (UPS/FedEx ground, 2 day, next day, air cargo).  Note that UPS/FedEx are NOT required to replace perishable shipments.  

Once shipped, if your UPS/FedEx package is damaged or delayed it may be beyond our ability to keep the food fully frozen and are not responsible for damages or replacements.  You can reduce your chances of this happening by selecting a shipping speed that keeps the transit time under 5 days.  We recommend using the air-cargo method for the fastest and most reliable shipping method.  We cover air-cargo delays and damage.

If you select the Air-Cargo Airport pick-up option we will follow-up asking if you'd like to add a courier that will bring the food from the airport to your home or office (think Uber for packages).  Generally Air Cargo shipments are shipped on Sunday and arrive by Monday.  If you selected air-cargo or air-cargo+courier, when your order is completed, we may ship it on or before Monday.  The rate charged at checkout is flat rate until 75lbs for Southwest and 100lbs for Alaska, where a surcharge is added for each pound over the limit.  After your order his shipped via air-cargo we will no longer offer a courier service and you have 48hrs to pick up your order after arrival at the destination airport where they may begin charging a storage fee.

UPS/FedEx orders ship on Mondays.  Pick-up is around 3pm PST.  It takes several hours for UPS/FedEx to update their system once the box is received.  We print the shipping label several days before shipping as part of the process of preparing your order.

Contact us for special shipping requests or exceptions.  We always try to make and ship your order as quickly as possible.


How to Feed Fetching Foods:

Air Cargo Shipping Method:


General Feeding Tips: