PREMIUM Cat Wild Boar, 16oz

PREMIUM Cat Wild Boar, 16oz

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Our free-range, live harvest wild boar comes from Texas and are processed at a USDA inspected facility where they are handled alongside the domesticated hogs.  Wild boar is a darker red than ordinary pork with an intense, sweet and nutty flavor.   Theses pigs are thought to have originally come from Spanish explorers who brought pigs to the Americas as they settled, and were likely of the famed Iberian breed.

Ingredients: Texas boar loin (boneless), boar liver, whole chicken egg (shell, white, yoke), Organic Psyllium, Organic Beef Gelatin, Vitamin E, Manganese, imported Norwegian Red Algae/Astaxanthin.

 Nutritional Analysis Pending.  General nutritional data can be found here: