PREMIUM Cat Partridge 16oz

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Known in Europe as the "Sunday Bird”, the partridge related to pheasant, grouse, and quail.  These birds are shaped like chickens, with rather plump bodies and small heads.  We hand-deboned these birds to create a delicious treat for your kitty. 

Because of its popularity as a gamebird in Europe, the Gray Partridge was brought to North America as early as the 1790s, although it was not really established here until later. It is found on the northern prairies, where it often does very well in farm country. Gray Partridges live in flocks, or coveys, at most times of year. Even where they are common, they often go unseen as they forage in the tall grass.


Ingredients: hand deboned Central California partridge with heart and liver, whole chicken egg (shell, white, yoke), Organic Psyllium, Organic Beef Gelatin, Vitamin E, Manganese, imported Norwegian Red Algae/Astaxanthin.

33 cals/oz Protein 19.1% M/74% DMB Fat 6.3% M/24% DMB