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Fully Custom Meals.  When one size isn't a fit for your kitty and your cat requires a personalized nutrition solution.  Every ingredient can be adjusted or changed to your cat's specific needs.  Custom Raw Cat Meals is a full-service option.

This is different than our pre-formulated Just Cat products: https://shop.fetchingfoods.com/collections/just-cats

We'll prepare a biologically appropriate diet designed for the specific nutritional requirements of your individual cat.  A wide variety of high-end human-grade proteins can be used to avoid food sensitivities/allergies and to create a healthy, tasty meal for even finicky cats.  

(Pictured with pasture-raised quail, organically fed turkey's liver, chicken gizzards, and wild caught Alaska Sockeye salmon.)

Nutritionally rich.  Highly digestible.  Delicious.  Convenient.  See some examples here: http://www.fetchingfoods.com/menus/

Once you order we'll send you a short questionnaire so we can develop a background on your cat's along-with her/his needs to formulate a custom designed diet.  We can add supplements, herbal support, and have access to a wide-range of top-quality proteins that we can use, depending on the needs of your kitty.

Our typical process is to collect paid orders through Wednesday. Then shop and custom prepare the orders Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, freezing them solid for Monday shipping and delivery.   Orders received after Wednesday will go out a week from Monday.  Contact us for exceptions.

More on shipping: www.fetchingfoods.com/shipping-a-necessary-evil/

Why human grade food is important: http://www.fetchingfoods.com/human-grade-food-why/

Default meal size is 8oz unless you say otherwise in the NOTES section at checkout.

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    Malia M.
    United States United States

    The BEST food for sensitive tummies

    I really cannot overstate just how big of a transformation switching to raw food has made for my foster kittens, particularly those with sensitive tummies. Thank you so much!

    Malia M.
    United States United States

    The BEST food for sensitive tummies

    If you have a cat with digestive issues, I highly suggest making the transition! It is so worth it to have biologically appropriate food delivered straight to your door that you know your cat can tolerate. Cherry on top? It significantly cuts down your cat's shedding and makes them the softest you've ever felt in your life!

    Tonya K.
    United States United States


    Troy and Fetching Foods are amazing. My cat Luna has had diarrhea since I got her in January. Troy is making her food and supplements that are helping to heal her GI track. He never complains about the 100 emails I send a day and always answers.

    A Fetching Foods Customer
    Julie G.
    United States United States

    So grateful for the custom meal option!

    My very picky cat loves duck the best out of all proteins, so I am very grateful that Troy makes her special meals based on the Just Cat ingredient line, but using duck meat, duck organs and duck eggs. She loves it!!


    We love Fetching Foods!

    We have been feeding raw food from Fetching Foods a little over a year. Kitties love it. I love that they love it but what stands out is Troy (owner & pet food chef :) & how he is genuinely interested in your pets & their well-being. He is also very knowledgeable & is happy to pass that on to pet parents. Troy has reached out several times since we've started feeding FF to make sure the kitties like the food when we have done a recipe change, to see how the food is received when supplements & then additional supplements were added. He wants to make sure the kitties adjust to their food & if they are having any issues transitioning he provides helpful tips (also there are many on the website & blog). If you have questions, he's very quick about getting back to emails. Our story, the main reason we started ordering food from Fetching Foods is bc we have a kitty in particular who struggles with the feline ****** virus which means he has chronic respiratory issues such as sneezing, congestion, snot, discharge from the eye(s) & sometimes lack of appetite. Allergy season this year has been particularly rough on him. Troy adds multiple supplements specific to Lucky's symptoms to his food in the hopes of easing his respiratory symptoms a bit. Knowing he was struggling more than usual, Troy brought by additional supplements today, a week before we are to receive our next food delivery to determine if he would benefit from increasing some of the supplements & adding new ones. In my book that is beyond the best customer service one could ask for & shows a true love for animals & their health. Although Lucky still has respiratory issues related to his virus, we were able to get him off the antiviral rx he was on for years. We had major concerns about how the drug might affect his liver etc & now that concern is gone. Anyone who has a kitty w this virus (and probably most people these days) understand how risky rx drugs can be but how much riskier they are in pets where only little research has been done. In the beginning we had a transition period getting him onto the food but now he has gained about 0.5 lbs putting him at 8.6 lbs which is very good for his body type. Since kitties w respiratory issues can't smell their food very well & sometimes won't eat bc of that, it has been a blessing to find raw food that he likes to eat. Also, we haven't had to go to the eye specialist since before starting him on this diet so that tells me his immune system is stronger w his healthiest diet. I highly recommend Fetching Foods, they have a great variety of foods, the ability to have custom meals made w supplements specific to your pet's needs is a huge plus & the customer service is out of this world fantastic. Keep your pet(s) healthy & feed them raw! We feel like part of the Fetching Foods family & this makes us happy. Meow. ^..^