This is how we started, making designer meals.  Sometimes one size doesn't fit all.  There are many dogs and cats that require special diets with unique ingredients to meet their health needs.  Some owners want the convenience of having us figure out the comprehensive dietary requirements for their dog or cat, professionally managing their diet to achieve peak health.

We build the menus for each pet Wednesdays, based on orders received.  We only select the highest-end ingredients for a species appropriate diet.  Organic, non-GMO, hormone free, and humanely raised products are used.  Depending on the animal, we use superfoods like kale, blueberries, pomegranate, turmeric, organic cold-pressed coconut oil go into our meals.

This is something other food manufacturers can’t provide: variety and perfect food every week.  For example, if squash or lamb doesn’t look ideal or it’s out of season when we’re shopping, we’ll pass it up, substituting with something else that fits your pet’s needs equally well.  

The way we vary each week with recipes using the highest quality ingredients gives your pet something different to eat: new flavors and smells, making meal-time more interesting.  This approach also reduces the chance allergies will develop, giving better nutrition through a broader ever-changing nutrient profile.  It’s what would happen in the wild — there’s no way they’d eat the same food, every meal, for months or years.

We make meals specific for your pet because we control every ingredient in every meal we make.  If your cat has a chicken sensitivity or allergy, health concern, special need, we can easily formulate a diet without those ingredients or adjust ingredients to suit.  If you don’t want your dog eating a particular protein, just mention that in the NOTES during checkout, and we’ll use a substitute.

About half of our customers have pets with some kind of ailment.  Pancreatitis, kidney disease, cancer, IBD/IBS, food sensitivities/allergies, liver and bladder issues, itching, weight issues, cancer, and more.  We are able to successfully provide food, herbs, and an overall holistic approach that manages those issues.  We can take recommendations from your vet, we often work with your vet to build very specific formulations, including following traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.

For the  custom meals we'll need to do a background on your pet.  If your pet is healthy, it's short and easy.  If your dog or cat has health issues it'll be more in depth.  Once we receive the order we'll send you a list of questions that will help us design a meal for your cat or dog.

 A custom menu is sent with your order, so you know what's in your pet's food.  Here are examples of what you can get with custom meals. 

Order the amount of food you want eg 5lbs, 10lbs, 30lbs.  When we do the background we'll suggest the correct portion size.  Then we'll send you that portion size for the amount of food purchased eg, 8oz portion size would yield twenty 8oz portions from a 10lb purchase.  You can request up to 4lbs in one bag if you like -- we have some customers that need to feed multiple large dogs -- and as small as 4oz for the smallest pets.

NOTE: discounts occur with increased quantities, a subscription, and lower $/lb shipping rates.

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