Sometimes one size doesn't fit all which is why we offer personalized nutrition.  There are many dogs and cats that require special diets with unique ingredients and/or formulations to meet their health needs.  Some owners want the convenience of having us figure out the comprehensive dietary requirements for their dog or cat, professionally managing their pet’s diet to achieve peak health.  And others simply want things that aren’t listed ‘on the menu’ like a Just Cat formula using boneless duck.  

With Custom Meals your pet can have access to a number of high-end, human-grade proteins, from common to exotic -- quail, ostrich, partridge, squab, wild boar, alligator, buffalo kangaroo, and more (some proteins have a premium charge).  This can also include organs other than liver, like pancreas, tripe, and kidney from various animals.  Plus we package your food in the perfect portion size for the utmost convenience.

We will formulate a diet to suit your dog's or cat's needs, whether those needs are only wanting different tastes or a health condition.  If you don't want a particular protein or, say egg or liver, in your pet's food just mention that.  We can gently cook or keep it raw.  Use bone or 80/10/10 formulas.  Plant matter or not.  We'll make the food to suit your pet's needs.

About half of our Custom Meal customers have pets with some kind of ailment.  Pancreatitis, kidney disease, cancer, IBD/IBS, food sensitivities/allergies, liver and bladder issues, itching, weight issues, cancer, and the like.  We are able to successfully provide food, therapeutic herbs, and an overall holistic approach that helps manage those issues.  We can also use your vet's recommendations.  We work with vets all the time to build very specific formulations, including traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.

For the  custom meals we typically develop a background on your pet.  If your pet is healthy, it's usually short and easy.  If your dog or cat has health issues it'll be more in depth.  Once we receive the order we'll send you a list of questions that will help us design a meal for your cat or dog.

A custom menu is sent with your order, so you know exactly what's in your pet's food.  Here are EXAMPLES of what you can get with custom meals.  


Order the amount of food you want eg 5lbs, 10lbs, 30lbs.  We'll send you a questionnaire to develop a background, if necessary (if you say you want the Just Cat formula using boneless duck, you won't get the questionnaire).  We'll then create a formula sending it to you for review usually within 24-36hrs after receiving your answers to the questionnaire.  Once the formulation is agreed to, we'll make the food and send it to you on the next shipping/delivery day.

The depth of the dietary consultation varies with the amount of food in your order.  

1lb-4lbs: Basic.  We’ll help figure out a dietary strategy for you.  Proteins to use or avoid, meal portion size, and general diet advice.

5lb-9lb: Everything in the Basic, plus analysis of specific nutrient requirements, diet design for specific health needs, occasional consultation, possible to subdivide batches, and custom meal package size.

10lb+: All of the above plus herbal analysis and frequent consultation.

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